LB School of Self Defense is dedicated to
enjoyable and satisfying. Our instructors
are the best. They have studied and
trained for years to qualify as instructors,
and their primary goal is to assist you in
being the best you can be.

Our carefully structured programs go far
beyond punching, blocking, and kicking.
We will help you acquire
effective self-
defense skills
and provide you with a
personal development
. It is our goal to raise the quality
of life for all our students in every way

We teach one of the most effective self
defense arts
American Kenpo Karate.
We are dynamic and are constantly
seeking new and innovative ways to
enthuse and excite our students.

We pledge to make each student’s
journey as fun, exciting, and educating as
possible. We monitor progress closely
and walk with students every step of the
way. We believe that being a Martial Artist
is not just learning to kick and punch, it is
about becoming the best that you can be
in every way.
LB School of Self Defense is Your Ultimate Source for Child and Adult Martial Arts Programs
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