Dear Parent,

that high self-esteem is one of
the most important character
traits for
children to have in
order to succeed. As an
instructor for over ten
years, I see children who
lack confidence get lower
grades in school, get
picked on far more by
bullies, have fewer friends
and succumb more easily to
peer pressure.
But what's even scarier is that studies show that children who don't address these
traits before reaching their teens have a greater chance of remaining that way for
the rest of their lives.
Are you ready to place your child in a program to build his confidence? Do you want
a program that will challenge your daughter's mind and body? Need help instilling
discipline and self-control into your child?
If your answer to any of the above questions was yes, then
LB School of Self
can help. Visit our school, talk to us, and see the difference we can make
in your child's life.

Our Junior Karate Program for 7 - 13 year olds will help your child get into
, improve coordination, build strength, and become more flexible. Not
only that, your child will learn to
focus, treat others with courtesy and respect, be
humble, and persevere in all circumstances.
Your child will be challenged to new heights of
excellence in our fast paced
classes as he or she learns practical and realistic methods of self-defense. Each
class will keep your child motivated, enthusiastic, and ready to excel on the mat as
well as at home.
Our Juniors Karate program develops children to become
stronger, quicker, and
coordinated, and it also builds life skills such as perseverance, modesty,
self-control and more. We believe that by teaching these positive Biblical life
skills, we can help ground our students to utilize these principles as they prepare for
academics and life.

Interested in getting started today? Take advantage of our special by clicking on the
link to the Left to schedule your child's evaluation class or give us a call today at
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