Dear Parent,

When you have a pre-schooler in the
house you soon learn that they are an
energetic dynamo, always on the move
and curious about everything. You
want to encourage them to be active
but there are few programs available to
pre-schoolers that are more than
supervised play-time.
But what if there was a program for
your young child, one that not only
kept them active but also taught them
Life Skills.

Our Lil' Dragons program is such a program!
Not only will it help prepare your child for school, it will also help them develop the skills
they will need to succeed in school. These skills include being able to follow directions,
getting along with others, and raising their hand when a question is asked. They'll also
learn how to show respect toward their teachers and role model figures by saying, "Yes,
Ma'am" and "No, Ma'am" when answering a question. Lil' Dragons is also a great release
for the energy that your child has built up throughout the day.
Lil' Dragons is more than just a karate program for 4 - 6 year olds. It's a unique program
designed especially with young children in mind. We understand that younger students
have a shorter attention span and that's why our program uses interesting and enjoyable
methods to keep their attention.

Our Lil' Dragons program can help improve
hand-eye coordination, flexibility,
strength, balance and gross motor skills through developmental karate activities
such as learning to block, punch, kick, and tumble.

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