This is the memorial page for Mrs Laura Eskandarion or better known as Mrs E. We
named her the best kept secret in Kenpo community. A 5th degree Black Belt in
American Kenpo Karate and trained under SiBok Tom Kelly 9th Degree Black Belt, She
was very talented, graceful and powerful martial artist that quietly went about teaching,
sharing and learning. She did not like the lime light and was completely content to be
behind the curtain. She was a fearless comparator and dominated her competition
with ease. She was great with all students alike. Young and old couldn't help but be
mesmerized by her personality but don't be fooled as she was a great fighter in more
ways than one. Anyone that knew her knows what we mean. She put the fem in
feminism but was second to no man. Even though her life was cut short on this earth
battling with cancer but her memories will live on through the lives she had touched
and continue touching through her students....
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Laura Eskandarion
5th Degree Black Belt
American Kenpo Karate