Are you ready to make a
change in your daily routines
that can make a difference? Do
you want to feel
confident that
you can
defend yourself? Do
you want to be
motivated to
achieve the goals
you have
set in life?

If you answered yes to any of
the above questions, then
School of Self Defense
where you need to be. With
exciting curriculum designed to
offer the best instruction,
workout, and practical Self
defense available, you won't
find a more comprehensive
self-defense program in the
Within weeks of beginning your
enrollment in our Kenpo Karate
program you will see
improvements in your
coordination, speed, and
You'll be amazed by the exhilarating workout each 45 minute class will give you as
you learn how to use effective striking techniques such as
punches, kicks, knees,
and elbows

Interested in getting started today? Take advantage of our special by clicking on the
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LB School of Self Defense is Your Ultimate Source for Child and Adult Martial Arts Programs
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