American Kenpo
Learning Kenpo can be said to be
nothing more can learn Kenpo,
people from all walks of life but
they just don’t know their meaning
as it applies to Kenpo. A great
analogy is the parallels between
learning Kenpo movements and
learning how to write and speak.
Before you can write or spell words
you must first learn the alphabet.
Each basic block, strike,
maneuver, stance, etc. that you
learn in Kenpo is comparable to
learning an individual letter of the
alphabet, also known as
"Alphabets of Motion".
American Kenpo Karate
these basic movements to form "Words of Motion", while learning Kenpo self
defense techniques, the heart of the Kenpo system. As you attain higher levels
of training, the self defense techniques contain more basic movements or you
may blend techniques together to create "Sentences of Motion". When you
begin to string sentences together you form "Paragraphs of Motion", which is
comparable to executing Kenpo forms.
Kenpo blends circular movements like those found in Chinese Kung Fu and
linear movements like those found in a Japanese system. This "Hard Style, Soft
Style" concept allows the circles to begin when a straight line ends and a
straight line to begin when a circle ends. We tie the circles and straight lines
together by elongating the circles or rounding off the corners, which enables us
to strike from a variety of angles with minor and major strikes and economy of
motion. Because Kenpo techniques can sometimes become lengthy, some
consider Kenpo as overkill, we consider Kenpo as being over skilled. Logic tells
us that not every punch, kick, or strike is going to find it’s mark, therefore
having a number of back up moves at your disposal is imperative. Kenpo’s
emphasis on speed of action and accuracy over pure power, combined with it’s
use of hard and soft movements make it easy to tailor to any man, woman, or
child of all shapes and sizes.
Kenpo is known as a system based on logic, largely because it adopts and
applies other scientific disciplines to maximize its effectiveness. The knowledge
of physics is important in understanding Kenpo techniques. Through the use of
mathematical laws, theories, concepts and principles of mass, speed, body
alignment, angles, body momentum, gravitational marriage, rotating force,
opposing force, stability, power, etc., can make our body function intuitively with
economy of motion. Knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and geometry are also
logically entwined to insure even more practicality.
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